Saturday, April 27, 2013

It has been almost two years since I have posted!!  I will be updating the log with the events of the past two years......Stay tuned!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pole Beans....a new approach and system for us!

Here is a picture of the new Pole Bean garden that we installed and planted.  We are trying pole beans for the first time, we usually plant bush beans.  I am trying to do more vertical planting within the context of my square foot garden.  We still have cucumbers, tomatoes, 4 more kinds of lettuce and 4 kinds of peppers to plant.  
Keep yours eyes open to see what comes next!!
Jim and Peter fixing the posts that they were putting in along with hanging the chicken wire for the beans to grow up!

Getting the Big garden ready!


Jim continued to till the garden until all the peat moss chicken poop was blended into the soil.  While sifting through the soil, I saw lots and lots of worms....some of my students would love to come find some of the big fat worms I saw today!

Bing on the Fresh Veggies!

2010 Garden

Jim and I began our garden quest by planting 110 onion bulbs and six head lettuce plants in the 4 x 4 stand alone garden.  We added a plastic fence so that the wild rabbits , chickens and dogs would stay out of the plants.  It doesn't seem to matter what I plant, the chickens love to eat it, veggies, name it, they eat it!